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Wildlife Management Solutions

Wiscopter offers drone thermal imaging services for wildlife management purposes.
Deer Recovery
Bear Recovery
Herd Analysis
Antler Shed Hunting

Wiscopter is the admin of
Wisconsin Deer Recovery Drone Operators

Free Emergency Service Support

Wiscopter offers free thermal imaging support for emergency service requests in our local Wisconsin communities
Human Search and Rescue
Pets Search and Rescue (tips accepted)
Emergency Service Support

Don’t wait, just call now at 1-920-277-9565

Aerial Photography and Media Solutions

Wiscopter offers aerial photography services for events, real estate, and other requests.
Aerial Property Photography
Event Photography

Real Estate Photography

Wiscopter is the premier photography partner of
Have Clothes, Will Travel


Who We Are

Located in Wisconsin’s heart, Wiscopter seamlessly blends advanced drone technology with diverse services, from search and rescue to high-quality photography, to herd analysis. We deploy cutting-edge technology and skilled operators to deliver unparalleled results. Proudly serving Outagamie, Brown, Waupaca, Shawano, surrounding counties, and beyond, we’re redefining aerial solutions in Wisconsin.

Zac Griesbach, Owner Operator

“At Wiscopter, we harness the latest in drone technology, prioritize quality, and work only with the best operators to address both individual and commercial requests.”

All Wiscopter operators are part 107 certified

Every Wiscopter operator carries liability insurance with at least $1 million in coverage

Service Ranges