Wisconsin Deer Recovery

Drone Operator Network

Hey folks,

In Wisconsin, outdoor activities and wildlife are integral parts of our state’s identity. This network of Wisconsin Deer Recovery Drone Operators not only contributes significantly to wildlife management but also resonates deeply with the state’s cultural and environmental ethos, safely and ethically.

The Wisconsin Deer Recovery Drone Operators network is a list of independent companies that have willingly agreed to qualify themselves to a common set of standards. The qualified firms are listed on our centralized map, where the map aims to help people find and request local operators. 

Each season many drone requests go unserviced. This qualified list helps operators trust working together and triaging calls between each other during peak season demand, to ensure the highest quality of service can be provided to the maximum number of requests. 


  • FAA Part 107 certified
  • At least 20 hours of flight time
  • At least $1 million in liability insurance
  • A legal business filed with a state
  • Setup for nonstop continuous flight 
  • Thermal imaging capability
  • A clearly stated or listed price 
  • A page or website for customers to find
  • Listed business hours that are maintained
  • A place for customers to provide public reviews

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Zac Griesbach,
Owner-Operator of Wiscopter LLC
Admin of Wisconsin Deer Recovery Drone Operators
Co-authored with Wiscopter Copilot