Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Wiscopter is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of drone technology to advance wildlife conservation and support community safety across Wisconsin. As a for-profit entity committed to social responsibility, we aim to innovate, educate, and provide essential emergency drone services at no cost to local communities. Our mission is to blend technological advancement with environmental stewardship, offering solutions that protect our natural heritage while fostering community engagement and resilience.

Vision Statement

Wiscopter envisions a future where advanced drone technology and conservation efforts converge to create a sustainable, safe, and informed community in Wisconsin and beyond. As the leading authority in drone services for conservation, we aspire to inspire a new generation through education, create new career paths in drone technology, and build an extensive network of skilled operators. Through our commitment to providing essential emergency services for free, we aim to set a new standard for corporate responsibility, making a lasting impact through wildlife conservation, community safety, and education.

Zac Griesbach
Owner-Operator Wiscopter
Admin of Wisconsin Deer Recovery Drone Operators
Co-authored via Wiscopter Copilot